6 thoughts on “Russian Dominates Thai

  1. Being so close to asian countries I always wondered if asian guys went to Russia or Lithuania to get fucked by big slavic/baltic cocks. Guess I have my answer, hot!

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    1. @PrimeStar Indian here yes Russian/Slavic men are popular here. A lot of our men here like them and their famous here for their light eyes, height and longer penis though you must be careful in their countries and make sure the people you are associating or wanting to hook up with are actually gay because it’s very risky in their countries as people get beat up. But yeah russian guys are very popular our bottom men want to be topped by them


      1. Nice how were they? i’ve always been attracted to slavic men but was afraid of their homophobia


      2. @James well as i’ve said before, you have to be really careful. There are some assholes who will pretend to be lgbt until they get you somewere and harm you, but i’ve been fucked by 4 russians and a polish all I can say is the sex was fantastic one thing to love about slavic men is that you don’t really have to tell them “harder” or “do it like this”, they’re extremely aggressive in bed and very rough fuckers. One guy I was with picked me up by my legs and fucked me against the wall. It was the hottest experience I ever had during sex. As for the dicks they were big but most russian guys like other white guys are bigger than my people on average so no real surprise there


  2. It’s so insane how the europeans with some of the biggest cocks are the most homophobic. So many gay guys would get their LIFE being topped in baltic countries and russia


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